Disinfection of rooms. Disinfection and precleaning before sterilization of medical devices, including surgical and dental instruments, rigid and flexible endoscopes, and their accessories.

Sabisept M is intended for use in:

  • Surface decontamination of rooms, instruments, equipment, rigid furniture, sanitary equipment, cleaning items, rubber mats, shoes made of rubbers, plastics and other polymer materials, patient care items, toys (except for soft ones), linens (including disposable ones), dishware and laboratory utensils, medical devices, including dental instruments, endoscopes and their accessories, single-use medical devices and textile medical waste (wipes, tampons, bandages, etc.) before disposal in case of bacterial infections (including tuberculosis), viral infections, candidiasis and dermatophytes during preventive, routine and final disinfection at health care facilities, children’s institutions, and affected areas;
  • Disinfection in medical transport;
  • Deep cleaning;
  • Surface treatment of rooms against mold fungi;
  • Precleaning before sterilization, as well as cleaning combined with disinfection, of medical devices, including surgical and dental instruments, flexible and rigid endoscopes and their accessories, for preliminary and pre-sterilization cleaning of rigid and flexible endoscopes, and for final cleaning before high-level disinfection (HLD) of flexible and rigid endoscopes.
INSTRUCTION No1 for the use of disinfectant “Sabisept M”
at medical and preventive treatment institutions and foci of infections.
PROTOCOL Of approbation of disinfectant detergent “SABISEPT M”
in the Principal military clinical hospital named after N.N. Burdenko.
Report On the results of the approbation of the disinfectant «SABISEPT M»
in the Federal State Institution “Centre for State Sanitary Epidemiological Supervision” of the Presidential Property Management Department of the Russian Federation.