Preventive disinfection of subway stations, rooms, and carriages (including floors, walls, seats, ceilings, windows, safety handles, surfaces made of marble and stone, etc.).

The SABISEPT M disinfecting agent is allowed for use in preventive, routine, and final disinfection of rooms, furnishings, sanitary equipment on any stationary and mobile objects of the railway transport and the subway of Russia, including railway stations, subway stations, train carriages of various types, service and special-purpose carriages, dining saloons, subway carriages, refreshment rooms and other facilities under departmental subordination.

Preventive disinfection of carriages and train stations, performed by conductors and washing teams, means sanitary cleaning of the facility with disinfecting agents by wiping surfaces.

INSTRUCTION No3/08 for the use of disinfectant “Sabisept M”
for disinfection of railway and subway objects.